Best Forex Brokers Australia

To choose the Best Forex Trading Platform Australia, you should follow the following guide carefully:

The regulation of the forex broker who provides the Best Forex Trading Platform Australia:

There are many forex Regulations, namely, NFA and CTF from the USA, FCA from the UK. However, Any forex broker who offers services in the Australian forex market should ASIC regulated broker. If any broker isn’t ASIC regulated, we advise you not to open a trading account with him. ASIC regulation is essential even to find the best stock trading platform, the best share trading platform,  and the best options trading platform Australia.

The spread in the Best Forex Trading Platform Australia:

When you choose a forex platform to have a broad look at the spreads and check whether the broker charges any commissions in addition to the spread. The lower spread is the better trading platform. The best range of spreads starts from 0 to 3 pips. Have enough time to see the options to find the cheapest trading platform Australia.

The number of trading instruments in the best CFD trading platform Australia:

It is crucial that you find all the trading instruments you want in your trading platforms. Some trading platforms offer forex, Contracts for Difference (CFD), stock markets, crypto currency, and more.  The more trading options, the better trading platform.

The orders execution model in the Best Forex Trading Platform Australia :

Although STP/ECN model of execution is usually better since there is no dealing desk and your orders will go straight to the liquidity providers, Market makers and dealing desk models are also not bad choices especially if they have low spreads.

The speed of the orders executed in the Best Forex Trading Platform Australia:

Quick orders execution is one of the main advantages of forex trading platforms since you don’t want your orders to be executed late.  Pepperstone trading platform is noted for the execution of the quick order.  Quick orders handling might be significant when you are looking for the best day trading platform Australia as scalping for example.

The technical support of the Best Forex Trading Platform Australia:

To consider any trading platform the best online trading platform Australia, it should be supported by a professional team who can handle any issue in the trading platform.

The technology used in the Best Forex Trading Platform Australia:

Although most of the trading platforms have a similar structure, i.e., the forex trading software is usually MetaTrader 4 or 5, some companies offer the ability to develop the trading platforms using the Expert Advisors (EA), programming algorithms and scripts.